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Alessio Zuliani joined the lab as post-doc during a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) COST Action in January 2020. He investigated the hydrogenolysis of anisole, a lignin model compound, using waste-derived Ni catalysts. The exchange of know-how with Greencats Lab allowed performing the reaction in a barely explored and innovative way, successfully accomplishing the objectives of the STSM.

Home university: University of Córdoba, Spain

What about your stay at UTC: despite I could join the team for only a short period, I really enjoyed working at UTC. Everybody made me feel like I was part of the research group for a long time and I was well guided and supervised in designing and performing the experiments.

What I learned from this experience: firstly, I appreciated the well-defined and high-level group’s approach to research. Also, I could perform many reactions in a very short period thanks to the really good supervision. I especially learnt how to use the high pressure and high-temperature reactor as well as the proper analytical instruments (e.g., the GC-MS) to perform and control the hydrogenolysis of anisole.

What I remember the most: a nice research group and a cool working place with new labs. Of course, how can I forget the good food! (and pretty cold weather in Winter…)

What I am doing now: I’m a post-doc researcher at the Center for Colloids and Surface Science in Florence where I investigate sustainable materials for the restoration and preservation of Cultural Heritage.

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