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Matthew came to us to complete his Master Thesis at UCT. He spent hours and hours with analyses of bio-oil hydrogenation products and the performing of these experiments. He was an unbelievable funny man.  

Home university: Strathclyde University, Glasgow

How did you enjoy your stay at UCT? I learnt a lot about emerging, biomass-derived fuels and got first hand, research level experience of the problems they face and the work being done to elevatiate them and further advance their use.

I went from a zero knowledge base to being able to operate a reactor and write a well-received thesis in 3 months. This is only possible when you have a great team surrounding you who are supportive in every way.

What did it give you? A newfound appreciation and interest for alternative greener fuels, great memories, improved teamwork and experience of working with people from different countries and a lifelong love with the city of Prague.

What do you remember the most? Making Ice Cream with liquid nitrogen in the lab and going round a local refinery with the team.

What are you doing now after your stay/study?  I left the field of engineering (this was always my plan, long before UCT) and now work as a Data Analyst in Financial Technology. Funny how things work out.

Comments: All the best guys, I miss you all and wish you good health for now and the future.

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