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We are delighted to share our experience and use another advanced analytical technique with other research groups in the Czech Republic and abroad. 

Technopark Kralupy is a research-based institution associated with the University of Chemistry and Technology. There are well equipped for solid catalyst preparation and catalytic tests in autoclaves. Our working group collaborates with other working groups at the University of Pardubice where acid-base properties using NH3-TPD and CO2-TPD are measured and VSB – Technical University of Ostrava where N2O chemisorption is performed to determine the specific surface are. 

Also, international cooperation is important thus we are in a close relationship with Instituto de Tecnología Química in Valencia where advanced analytical methods such as HRTEM, XPS or in situ XRD are used.  FTIR with adsorption of probe molecules is provided at Technical University in Wien as well as H2-TPR at Leipzig University. At ISTM-CNR in Milan, they are able to prepare catalysts using special impregnation method.

We also cooperate with an industrial partner Ranido s.r.o.


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