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To join us, please contact us!

We are happy to announce four new Ph.D. thesis topics related to our ongoing research projects focusing on biomass valorization to value-added products with the help of heterogeneous catalysis and green chemistry principles. If you would like to know more about the topics or studying at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, please contact us. The deadline to apply for the positions is 15. 4. 2021.

We offer you an opportunity to do Bachelor or Diploma Thesis in the field of catalysis. 


Environmental Chemistry And Technology: Catalysis For Advanced Biofuels

Multifunctional Catalysts for Efficient Biomass Valorization

Significant attention and research efforts of the scientific community have been dedicated to the efficient valorization of biomass-derived oxygenates to advanced biofuels and petrochemicals. Efficient conversion of simple biomass-derived building blocks, such as different furanics, aldehydes/ketones, acids/esters and phenolics, requires a cascade of multiple conversion steps including, for instance, C-C coupling, dehydration and hydrogenation reactions relying on multifunctional catalysts instead of a cascade of single-function catalysts. Thus, the main motivation of the project is to design efficient multifunctional catalysts for multicomponent mixtures of biomass-derived oxygenates.

Main objectives and role of postdoc:

  • Rational design of multifunctional catalysts
  • Synthesis of multifunctional catalysts
  • Characterization of multifunctional catalysts
  • Evaluation of multifunctional catalysts in the model reaction system including C-C coupling and (partial) hydrodeoxygenation
  • Interpreting the structure-activity relationships as a way to improve the catalyst design

Planned activities:

  • Design and synthesis of multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts
  • Detailed characterization of synthesized catalysts
  • Activity, selectivity and stability testing of the synthesized catalysts
  • Analysis of the catalyst synthesis-structure-properties and structure-properties-activity-selectivity relationships
  • Research project proposal preparation

Specific requirements:

  • Practical experience in heterogeneous catalysis
  • Hands-on experience with synthesis/preparation of heterogeneous catalysts
  • Knowledge of catalyst characterization methods
  • Hands-on experience with assessment of the performance of heterogeneous catalysts

Mentors: David Kubička, PhD, MBA and Assoc. Prof. Pavel Šimáček

Who can apply?

We are looking for postdoc/junior researchers from around the world who:

  • are max. 7 years after receiving PhD diploma in relevant field
  • were employed outside the Czech Republic for at least 2 years in the last 3 years
  • published at least 2 publications in the last 3 years
  • are interested in one of the 8 key research areas in chemistry (see below)
  • can start the 20-month fellowship on 1 September or 1 October 2020

What do we offer?

  • 20-month fellowship at UCT Prague, supported by EU funds
  • full-time contract
  • monthly salary of 2800 EUR + consumables
  • support of excellent mentor & integration in the research team
  • employee benefits (6 weeks of vacation, catering allowance, language courses, institutional childcare)
  • possibility to apply for own research projects and establish an independent research group
  • international creative environment
  • enjoyable city life in a tolerant and secure country with rich cultural and natural heritage
  • excellent transport connection with the whole world

Selection criteria

  • research excellence (publications, citations, projects, etc.)
  • clear vision and research objectives
  • know-how, international experience, skills, laboratory techniques
  • motivation, creativity, activity, flexibility, independence, responsibility
  • excellent knowledge of written and spoken English (level B2 or higher)
  • organisational, communication and presentation skills
  • ability and willingness to publish results in reviewed highly impacted journals
  • ability and willingness to prepare and submit a research project during the mobility

How to apply?

  • select one key research area in chemistry (see the list)
  • download and fill in APPLICATION FORM
  • submit your application via e-mail to with “ChemJets2 application” in subject by Tuesday 14 April 2020 23:59 Brussels time
  • be ready for an individual skype interview with mentor between Mon-Thu 27-30 April 2020
  • final results of the selection process will be announced to all applicants in mid-May 2020

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