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Carlos, a smiling guy from Germany, always brought a positive mood to the workplace. He passed the Project C as a part of his ERASMUS study at UCT Prague.

Home University: Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

How did you enjoy your stay at UCT? The experience was very nice because I had the chance to learn a lot of new things in chemistry and about catalysts. I really enjoyed doing experiments in the lab and working on something that might be helpful for the environment in the future. The research group was full of very nice people and they made everything very easy and smooth there. The teamwork was very fluent.

What did it give you? This experience brought me a lot. First, I put in my resume and was a key point for my interview in my actual job. It also helps me a lot to understand some concepts about chemistry and catalytic chemistry. I also learned a lot of working in the lab and I gained a new experience.

What do you remember the most? I remember working with the reactor and in the lab, chatting with the research team through the experiments. You have really nice working atmosphere there.

What are you doing now after your stay?  Working at Netze Magdeburg GmbH, a company in charge of the operation of the electrical net in the city of Magdeburg. And start on Master in regenerative energies and electrical power systems

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