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Clara Mombellet spent one semester with us! She performed catalytic experiments in the reactor when described the effect of catalyst precursor on catalyst activity. Then, she successfully defended her Project B during her ERASMUS stay at UCT in 2019,

Home university: I am a former student at UPEC (Université Paris Est Créteil). I was doing a bachelor in Chemistry and Biology.

Stay at UCT: I really enjoyed my time at UCT, it was one of my best professional and personal experience. The research group was an original way to learn and discover research. I felt really well supervised by the team and will surely use what I learned during my next internship.

What the project gave me: This research group gave me new working skills such as organization and practice in a different environment than the usual. It also taught me how to make a proper literature review with useful tools (Scifinder, Google Scholar…) and an overview of what a thesis looks like. This project also had an impact on my communication skills, my scientific English vocabulary improved.

What I remember the most: What I remember the most is the time I spent in the laboratory crushing tablets or making measurements in Technical hall. I also remember well the software part for gas chromatography. Actually, I think I remember most of the things I did because I appreciated the work.

What am I doing now: I graduated my bachelor and I am now studying in an Engineering School which is INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées). My line of study is Biochemistry Engineering and the future job opportunities are diverse: pharmaceuticals, environment, energy, cosmetic

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