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Jon Ander was in the lab every day during one semester in 2019. He gained experience with reactor operation during testing of CuZnAl catalysts in ester hydrogenolysis. Then, he easily passed the ERASMUS Project A and his Thesis.

Home university: University of the Basque country

How did you enjoy your stay at UCT? It was very nice to get to know a lot of chemistry from my point of view since I didn't have a big base. But I learnt about the beauty of the lab.

What did it give you? The scope of knowledge I had to use learnt me to think differently. Especially, during operating the reactor unit, where I had to work safely and wisely.

What do you remember the most? We spent a lot of time together and I remember the ice hockey matches with the lab colleagues and the route from the technical hall to the office and labs that is kind of labyrinth. (HAHA)

What are you doing now after your stay/study? Working in digitalization at a wind turbine manufacturer.

Comments: "Miss you guys" 

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