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Petr was working in our group for one year and brought plenty of practical improvements. 

Brief introduction: My name is Petr. I started studying chemistry at the high school of chemistry in Pardubice in 2000. The decision triggered endless discoveries in the beautiful world of natural sciences that does not limit only to the lab but can be found all around us. I am the one who challenges friends and explains various phenomena that everybody experiences but not all understand. I am just a little crazy about science and chemistry in particular.

Graduation: I have graduated from University of Pardubice in August 2017. My main field of study was Chemistry and technical chemistry with focus on Organic chemistry. The topic of my BSc. thesis was „Push-Pull Pyrazine Derivates Bearing Anchoring Group for TiO2“. The core of BSc. thesis was a synthesis of novel molecules for Dye-sensitized solar cells.

I have graduated from University of chemistry and technology in June 2019. My main field of study was Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Environment. During this study, I focused on Petrochemical application of catalysts. The topic of my MSc. thesis was „The influence of the composition of CuZnAl catalysts on their properties and catalytic activity:

Your current position?  I am working as a Process Engineer in a multinational company focused on Oil and Gas industry

What did the work on the thesis give you?  Ability to solve complex matters or find the right source of information. Scientific research is no easy task and it requires broad knowledge across various fields of study.

 What did the work in the research group give you? Thinking differently. I have understood that scientific work is mainly about asking questions. You ask yourself, friends, teachers, or colleagues. Once you have answered all questions about a certain topic you go ahead and tell the world, publish it. After that you may find out that you did not think of everything.

Comments: Even though scientific research requires patience and a lot of time to get right, it is very rewarding when you can share the same sort of enthusiasm with other researchers.

Remember, in scientific research you compete with the whole world!

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